Audio Recording (PX-560)

Default file name is TAKEnn.WAV (where “nn” is two integers). Can’t rename files on PX-560.
8.3 file names only
Can also record the line inputs.
Record level is low.  Changing the volume knob doesn’t affect record level. Have to hit keys hard to increase record volume.
Per Casio support: The recording volume is a set at a dynamic level that allows for the headroom of multiple instruments parts, drums, bass and more. The recording level can’t be adjusted and is the same recording level as all Casio instruments with audio recording.  That being said, on the PX-560 you could get a little more gain by adjusting the level Master Compressor.  Raising these too high can result in distortion internally, to return any of the parameter values to the default level, press the -/+ buttons at the same time.