MIDI A-B Repeat on PX-560

After making a MIDI recording, you can play back a portion of the song as a loop. There are two ways to specify the start (“A”) and end (“B”) points.

Method 1: While playing back the MIDI recording, press the “SetA” and “SetB” controls on the “MIDI Recorder” screen.

Method 2: With playback stopped, tap the Measure, Beat or Tick controls for either “A” or “B”. Use the rotary to adjust the values as desired. Note that the maximum value for Tick is 96.  If you want to repeat an entire measure, specify “B” as the beginning of the measure after the last measure you want to repeat. In other words, if you want to loop measures 3 through 5, set “A” as Measure 3 / Beat 1 / Tick 1 and set “B” as Measure 6 / Beat 1 / Tick 1.  Also, note that if you press the “SetA” or “SetB” controls with playback is stopped, the values for A and B will be reset to 1 / 1 / 1.

Once the A and B points are set, tap the “A-B Repeat On” control (it will turn red), then tap the Play control to play back that section of the recording as a loop.